Take design to another level and move from the ordinary to create something extraordinary. Creativity, Art, Talent and Culture are some of the basic ingredients needed to create unique and exclusive projects.

We understand the importance of giving each project and customer its own identity. By collaborating with artists and artisans we have created a custom design platform where we offer more than 100 handcrafted finishes on glass and a blend of materials to create the perfect “tailored suit”. 

Thanks to our partnership with the best retail stores and designers in North America we are in constant evolution. In today’s world, luxury and exclusivity demand a high level of personalization and detail. Pushing the limits is an important part of our DNA and we are always eager to find new challenges. 

Our specialty: Transforming glass into pieces of art. We make every piece unique and exquisite by using techniques from all over the world perfected over decades of time. Glass is an elegant and exceptional material. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry we can execute any kind of project from hospitality to residential.  

Maximum quality is our motto. We use certified suppliers of international level in all our hardware and materials. We capture excellence by the use of our EXTRACLEAR glass through its unmatched characteristics: quality, strength, brightness, sharpness and purity. Our in-house carpentry and metal-shop provide full control in all aspects of quality and production.

The term ART-OBJECT might define us, but it is much more where creativity can take us. We will enhance in making the process a great experience, at the end what matters is creating statement pieces that bring everyone to a conversation.